Tea for One Stationary Set - Done for a graphic arts class project. We were to create a line of stationary. My line is called "tea for one," with Infinite Ciel as my company name. I created the patterns on colourlovers.com, and decided to use it all over the stationary. The main pattern uses both the blues and the browns, with other sheets just having blue or brown. I find this color combination to be classy and tea-partyish.
Muticolor Mice Shampoos - Done for a graphic arts project in which we were supposed to create a product line based on a color story. I decided to make a set of kids' shampoos in the shape of mice. The tops would be their heads. Their colors correspond to the scents.
little bo peep logo. - This was done for a marketing project...the one that I have the menu I made on here. This is the logo my friend and I developed. :) Well, I drew it, but yeah.
Little Bo Peep's Menu - This was done for a marketing project in which we had to create our own business. My partner and I chose to do a bakery, and I created this menu for it.
Downtown, a love story. - This is a typographic/illustrative representation of the title of this article: http://www.interiordesign.net/article/531958-Downtown_A_Love_Story.php
Also done for a graphic arts class project.
downtown, a love story (PDF) layout. - In graphic design class, we were to create a magazine layout for an article of our choice (mostly from interior design sites). This is the article I chose:

And if you click the magnifying glass to view the PDF file, you can see my layout I created. :) I wanted to make the typography and bg colors correspond with the color themes in the photos.
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Help Haiti. - A poster done for the Help Haiti project. I vectored the bird in the middle, which is the national bird of Haiti...and used Haiti's flag's colors throughout.
whimsical. - A pattern design based on the world "whimsical." Done in Illustrator.
powerful. - A pattern design for the word "powerful."
fish tangrams. - a graphic arts project. We had to make a collection of items/animals/whatever with tangrams. So I decided to use the shapes to make different fish~
IU art brochure. - We were told to redesign our art program's brochure. We were to keep the headlines, but the rest of the text is just Greek filler. Created in InDesign.
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Class Projects
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