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I worked on this for my internship. :) I edited all the text that was there originally to have these fonts (Palatino & Amazone BT), I had to replace the descriptions with new ones, and the logo at top was also edited by me.
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NPA POP - This is the POP. I edited the text and replace the logo with the new one I worked on. For my internship as Nookies Pleasure Apparel.
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NPA Product Signage - You're gonna have to view the original PDF file to see all the pages. There's 6 in all. :) It shows all of the products Nookies offers. This was one of the harder things I've had to do! Many description edits, font edits, logo edits, and I had to do the Limited Edition bundle & LouAnn pages from scratch.
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captivatingly glamorous mood board. - This is the mood board for one of Nookies' 4 customer personality types, "Captivatingly Glamorous." I basically just found the images on Google and put them together. Old Hollywood, reds, golds, diamonds~
playfully seductive mood board. - Another mood board for my internship. This is one of the 4 customer personality types, "Playfully Seductive." Images from Google...so various sources.
Loungewear concepts
Loungewear concepts
Loungewear concepts
Loungewear concepts
IU fashion Logo - This is the final version for the logo that my school is using for our fashion department blog (and I guess other things in the dpt??). Here it is on the website: http://iufashion.blogspot.com/
This went through soooooooo many different variations, I can't count lol!
IU fashion logo [unused version]. - This was my favorite versions of the logos that I made that wasn't chosen for the site. I just felt like uploading it anyway.
MacStyle Banner. - Made for my school's fashion blog. :) A fashionable girl with our school in the background. All in Illustrator.
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Internship Work & Other School Items
Kelsey Lee
Freelance Graphic Designer Philadelphia, PA