Yuyuko. - An idea for a print to be on a shirt...I vectored an image of Yuyuko from the Touhou Project (video games/anime/manga) in photoshop, and added the typography.
Yuyuko Shirt Versions - Used the vector I did before and applied it on a shirt template...changed the colors for each to make different versions!
little bear. - This little bear would be a gift with purchase with the little girls' pajamas/nightgowns with this same bear design on them. Done in Illustrator.
lion shirt. - An idea for a shirt design for little boys.
little lion collection. - And idea for some little boys' clothes using the little lion logo I created. :) I imagine it being embroidered on the polo shirts and screen printed on the t-shirt.
Blue Dog Collection
Shirt designs
Kelsey Lee
Freelance Graphic Designer Philadelphia, PA