Brochure Front and Back

This single-person assignment involved making both the inside and outside of a corporate brochure for my CMST 495 class in the spring of 2016.

For this project I decided to create a business brochure for a ficitional company. The colors I wanted to use were colors that I thought were business-like, so white's, light greys, and dull blue were my choices.

I took several Creative Commons (CC) images and edited out the background and put them into the brochure while using a combination of transparency and color manipulation to make them look like they "fit" with the brochure background.

I also wanted the greys and blue to fade with each other to give the brochure a more unique visual style. I also added a fill background to give the brochure background more texture since the plain blue looked a bit too boring.

The hardest part of this project was one of the CC images.

I edited the images and created the text and graphical effects with Photoshop CC (2015).

Kenneth Mason
Web Developer/Designer Waldorf, MD