Retro Feel Jackal Designing a classical and modern design on two wheels Old with the new
Great to work with images from a talented freelance Actress Cheryl Burniston. Provides the right look for this concept :) Urban "Jackal" Motorbike
Jackal in Deep Red
Jackal : Final Image The design idea was to create something with a mix of vintage and modern. For now this project is finished but Im always tinkering.
Jackal in Burnt Orange
BLACK JACKAL. A turn for the dark sporty side.
Jackal in Aqua
Jackal in Green
Jackal Motorbike. The story so far. Adding details and now branding it "Jackal"
Engine model - working on parts for my bike purely as visuals from 3Ds Max
Urban naked bike
Urban naked bike
Urban naked bike
Jekal - This is a work in progress model Building 3D techniques as I go along, can't wait for get into rendering.
Jackal Motorbike

Building a bike within 3Ds max 2012, Trying to build in as much detail as possible but in a relatively reasonable poly.

Kevin Boulton
KB3D Lead 3D Designer Northampton, United Kingdom