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Natassia - Outline done in Manga Studio
Render/ colouring done in Photoshop CS5.
robobot - photoshop robot
Dark demon - Created on photoshop.
Jack - A demon creature which lives inside a cardboard box. Pencil
Kokoro - A cute street kid with no fear, worries or family. Her only friend is Jack. Pencil.
Kokoro (coloured) - Coloured in Photoshop
Yume Shi - A character created for a fanfiction I have written. Pencil and pen. It actually became sun-bleached after I left it on my window sill for a few days, so the colours are faded. It's sort of ironic that it got bleached when it's a character for a Bleach fanfiction ^_^
Yume Shi - Computer version
Squiggle - A space creature with no sense of direction.
Crystal designs
Aqua - A female ninja character design.
Cute Pony - When I showed this to my friends, the first thing they said was "What happens if it walks on a hill? It will just fall over and will be unable to get back on its feet! Poor pony!"
Cute Pony - Computer version
Rosy Ragdoll - a cute little ragdoll
Guardian Angel - My interpretation of my Guardian Angel. Graphite pencil.
Witch - A frightening gothic witch/vampire
Natassia - An Anime version of me with visual kei styled hair and a choker with my name in Japanese. Graphite pencil.
Kimono girl - An anime girl wearing a Kimono at a festival. Graphite pencil.
Gothic girl - An Anime girl wearing a gothic lolita dress. Graphite pencil (The original drawing was too faint to scan properly so I had to change it to black and white settings for it to be more visible, thus giving this image an inked effect).
Aeisha - I was messing around with poses and came up with Aeisha, a thief with a care-free attitude.
Starry eyes - A young girl gazing at the stars.
Elemental fairy - A fairy of the 4 elements; water, earth, fire and air.
sci-fi fairy - a fairy of the future, along with a butterfly from the future :)
The truth - An innocent girl looking through the mirror to see her demon nature in the reflection.
Line Art done in Manga Studio
Render/colour done in Photoshop CS5
Line art done in Manga Studio
render/colour done in Photoshop CS5
Line Art done in Manga Studio
Render/Colour done in Photoshop CS5
Kokoro and Jack, 2 of my own designs that will be the main characters in a book I'll get to writing in the future. Macabre meets innocence meets horror meets friendship. Hopefully the story will turn out as awesome as I intend it to.
Character designs

Different characters of my own design.