Phoenix Maglev

China first maglev cultural tourism project. Phoenix Maglev Sightseeing Express is seamlessly connected to the Zhangjihuai High-speed Railway, with a total length of 9.121 kilometers. Starting from Zhangjihuai High-speed Railway Phoenix Ancient Town Station, passing by the North City Tourist Service Center, and ending at the entrance of the Folk Custom Park tunnel. At this stage, there are 4 stations: Phoenix Ancient City, Phoenix Yingbin, Phoenix Range Rover, and Phoenix Waiting Station. The exterior and interior design of the Phoenix Maglev incorporates many tourism cultural elements and tourism needs, fully showing the cultural and tourism characteristics. The Phoenix Maglev Transportation System has the advantage of low noise, low energy consumption, and zero pollution. Visitors can have different experiences and services that may not be found on other trains.

Alexander Kotlyarevsky
Design Director at Great Wall Motor China