Skateboards designed and hand illustrated with posca's and acrylic- because chicks skate too!!
Because chicks skate too!
Lightweight, goodlookin' decks for girls- because chicks skate too!!
Conceptualizing the designs and painting them straight on the decks with posca pens
Concept for an advertisement. Teaming L'Ollie up with a not for profit organisation KIVA.
Corporate Identity for the brand L'Ollie Skateboards
Overall view of 5 deck designs- completed with poscas and acrylic. Image above also shows the canvasses that sit between the boards to form a flowing scene through all of the decks.
L'Ollie Skateboards

L'Ollie Skateboards

Krystie Sargent
Graphic Artist/illustrator/designer Gold Coast (now newport beach USA), Australia