RoC Indonesia (skin care)

RoC® Skincare (Anti-Aging & Dermatologic Expert)

RoC®Skincare was founded in France in 1957 by pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague and a collaboration of dermatologists. From the beginning, RoC® Skincare developed strong partnerships with dermatologists, helping it become a skincare leader in France.
The name RoC® Skincare is derived from the specialist dermatological dispensary where these products were distributed (Pharmacy Rogér-Cavaillès).

All RoC® Skincare products are formulated and manufactured according to strict regulation, in order to minimize the risk of allergic reaction, while offering high efficacy. RoC® Skincare has selected a very limited number of raw materials to use in its products. These ingredients were selected on the basis of their efficacy and perfect safety, proven by tests on human subjects. Its formulations also use the lowest amount of preservatives possible.

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