The Muni: a helmet designed for people serious about commuting. It includes a unique self adjusting fit system with integrated lights, a strap for an additional rear light, and a special visor with mounting features for a Blackburn Flea headlight. On this project I worked together with the product team from Bell's sister brand, Blackburn, to add integrateed light mounts for both the front and rear Blackburn "Flea" lights.
One of the big ideas for this commute helmet was to simplify the user experience by applying Set-and-Forget functionality. The fit and comfort use elastic to cradle the head, while the retention uses webbing stitched into a fixed position. No real adjustmens needed. It just works. The fit systems integrated lights were a great additional feature, to help make this helmet stand out during the evening commute hours.
Bell Muni Helmet

You don't need a race-inspired helmet to prevent injury, just a piece that blends in during the day and stands out at night -- while offering a nice cooling breeze and a comfortable fit. The Bell Muni Helmet features two options for mounting lights for the ultimate in low-light safety, while offering all the head-saving technology of Bell's performance helmets.

The Muni includes a Rear light strap and front visor perch for the Blackburn Flea lights, which allows the rider to add additional lighting.
Visor is compatible with the Blackburn Flip Mirror, which folds seamlessly out of the way when not in use.
This visor also includes a rain gutter, that uses surface tension to wick water away from the users face.

The OneStep Plus fit system is a self adjusting elastic fit system. Set it once, and the elastic snugs to the custom setting every time. The OneStep Plus fit system also features integrated rear flashing lights and a ratcheting buckle.

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