These "eggs" are 1/2 scale foam sculptures of the direction chosen by the design team, to then be made into a full size clay model.
Bell Sequence in the early stages, roughing in the form...
The finished clay model, made using Chavant Clay.
CAD rendering
CAD rendering
The designer is responsible for creating tool-able geometry for the factory. This shows the intended tool parting lines, and plastic cap trim lines on the model that was sent directly to the factory.
Early visor development in clay
The Bell Sequence was designed in 2009, and launched in 2010. This helmet was designed as a mid range helmet, but the sales team at Bell decided that this helmet was just too good to be sold for such a low price. The price was bumped up into the $100 range, and has since received 5 star reviews in multiple biking magazines!
Bell Sequence

Rated with 5/5 stars in multiple bike magazine reviews, the Sequence sits somewhere between full-on XC racing and just riding for the huck of it .

It's European and race inspired aesthetic speak of speed and performance. The Sequence has the goods to go for everything from the all-day XC epic to the 24 Hours of Your Town to the show-and-go after work ride.

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Kyle Ellison
Sr. Industrial Designer | Soft and Hard goods... Austin, TX