The Giro Feature : Designed for mountain bikers who like to get a little rowdy
super quick sketches to confirm vent placement direction
visor sketch
visor sketch
Early (as in, just barely started) visor development in Clay
Rear detail of clay.
Built with lower coverage than most other helmets in the market, at the time it was launched, the Giro Feature was designed for the riders who are serious about All-Mountain riding, and want extra protection.
The lower coverage of the Feature meant getting creative with the fit system in this helmet... Looking at the winter helmet line showed a snow fit system works great in this kind of helmet!
Giro Feature

The evolution all-mountain bike riding has led to bigger bikes, which meant people hitting bigger drops, and taking bigger chances.

The Giro Feature is a helmet designed to offer coverage and performance to match the long-travel trail riding preferred by All-Mountain athletes

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