'Hawk' Concept vehicle - About the "Hawk" It's small, it's lightweight, and it's coming to a showroom near you. Powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine, with a redline of 10,000rpm, 120RWhp and a theoretical top speed of 233 kilometers per hour. Wearing three 19inch lightweight alloy wheels equiped with twin rear and front disc brakes, you wont have any problems stopping in a hurry. Fiberglass outer shell and alloy chassis give you the aerodynamics needed to acheive the level of performance you expect from a roadbike, with the comfort of a car. The interior is a combination of moulded plastic and leather trim, with digital dials giving you the vital information about your vehicle.
'Hawk' Concept vehicle - The Hawk is a concept motorbike designed in my spare time during study of Industrial Design. I set out to create a vehicle which gave the comfort of a passenger car, with the performance of a roadbike. The result is a hybrid between the two, the Hawk.
Interior Design and Rendering - These two scenes are the result of experiments into 3D interior lighting and rendering.
'Allure' concept vehicle - Automotive design based around a new system of doors, similar to a van's sliding doors.
Alex Hodge
About Me Dunedin, New Zealand