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The Ski Bum (All in one ski bag)

After a long weekend of skiing, I found myself once again driving back to college by myself. I was thinking of a conversation that I had earlier with a friend of mine about ski bags. We both agreed that most of them are expensive, they are only used a few times a year, and only serve one purpose. This lead me to ask myself what else could a ski bag be used for? The ski bag / day pack combination ended up being the most logical pair. You could have a ski bag to keep your skis in while you travel and once you arrive it could be quickly converted into a pack.

Designing the ski bum bag was a completely new experience for me. I have never worker with fabric, soft goods, fabric patterns, or sowing machines of any kind before this, but I was certainly up for the challenge. Armed with an old sowing machine I borrowed from a classmate, I went to work. After many mistakes, cut fingers, and do overs, I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.

Leo Ravina
Jr Industrial Designer Hazleton, PA