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Alfresco lounge at 3pm
Alfresco lounge area rom the pool
View from the lounge of the fist floor of the dwelling
Rear balcony with a dining area which faces the garden and the sea
From the first floor terrace a stairway leads to the garden
Also the ground floor has an outdoor paved area facing the garden
View of the back of the house from the garden
Privacy screens and walls protect the outdoor terrace from the street and from the neighbouring property
Alfesco lounge night view
Pool from the lounge at night time
Shadow study: alfresco lounge at 11am
Shadow study: alfresco lounge at 5pm
Shadow study: alfresco lounge at 7pm
Ensuite bathroom (windows face the terrace) - option A
Ensuite bathroom (windows face the terrace) - option B
Second bathroom
Interior stairway from ground floor: steps are self supported by metal brackets, balustrade is a mixture of wall and glass as the ground floor will be used by occasional guest, while the residence of the family will be located on the first floor only.
Internal stairway on fist floor
Aldinga Beach (2016-17)

Extension of existing residence: a large terrace hosts a shaded alfresco lounge and a pool, and is extended to a balcony facing the garden and the seashore.

Lara Sclippa
Retail / Display Designer, Interior Designer, Project Manager Geelong, Australia