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Alfresco space - Adelaide (2014)

An outdoor space with outdoor kitchen, dining and lounge, surrounded by plants to create a mixture between garden, patio and alfresco style.
The roof is the leading element of the project, connecting the geometry of the house and of the wall which encloses the property. Floor tiles are a projection of the ceiling and, together with the barbecue area create the main path from the house to the outdoors in a hall-like atmosphere: on the ceiling this is emphasized by a different height and hidden strips of light. Skylights interrupt the solid roof letting the natural daylight come through.
The roof is detached from the house on the wider side, so to show its geometry "belongs" to the garden.
Timber screens in the lounge area help characterising the real outdoor: on one side it hides the laundry window, on the other it interrupts the wide empty wall of the depandance and allows the creation of a vertical garden.

Lara Sclippa
Retail / Display Designer, Interior Designer, Project Manager Geelong, Australia