Senior Thesis: Lüp Footwear - "Closing the manufacturing loop in footwear."

Lüp is a footwear brand dedicated to creating sustainable footwear by implementing six eco-design strategies throughout the product lifestyle.

Through modular constructions, recyclable materials, and a new packaging concept, Lüp lessens the footprint of footwear.
Puma: Good vs. Evil
Procter & Gamble: Pampers PODS - Plastic and electronic toys promote little to no physical development and are over-running the market. Studies show motor abilities greatly affect a child's cognitive development, self-discovery, and ability to communicate well. They develop in the early childhood and form the foundation for movement and motor proficiency throughout life.

Not only do PODS promote these crucial gross motor skills, they also emphasize open-ened play. Children are more engaged as they have control over their activity and freedom of imagination. They additionally develop an understanding of differences within dimension, color, and texture.

For any age, PODS are not designed to grow with your child, but for your child to grow with them.
Furniture Design: Re•modular Chair - This was the sketch phase of a quarter-long furniture design studio. Final direction was taken from the far right orange block.
New Balance: New Tech