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Trixie (the sweet little) Pixie Beachwear - Another line I designed of accessories for the toddler + set, Trixie includes Fashion Jewelry, Beachwear, Winterwear, and a Handbag. I created everything from logos to color choices to product.
Love Me Peas Infant Line- Printed Bodysuits - Part of the Love Me Peas line I designed from scratch. This line contains, among other things, a complete outfit in three different color choices. I created a style guide, logos and packaging as well.
Love Me Peas Infant Line Packaging Look
Adjustable Shoe-Control Drawing - This was a design for a shoe that can be stretched an extra size. Perfect for little kids and their fast growing feet!
Ballerina- Fashion Flave Design - Pop, Sketchy and Raw... Ballerina By Fashion Flave is supposed to evoke innocent, girly emotions while still keeping a sexy edge.
Allison would be proud. - Another design for Fashion Flave, this shirt was inspired by the story of Allison Krause, the 19 year old girl who was shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard in the Kent State shootings. All these years later, as violence in all aspects of life seem to increase, a reminder of peace seems necessary.
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Laura Mansdorf
Exceptionally Hardworking Product/Graphic Designer Mineola, NY