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Laura Ann Designs - I've always loved Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage. She had done a magazine spread years ago with these white hands grabbing all of her beautiful red hair, which inspired this logo.
Sorta Starlette - The logo used on my personal projects which are of a younger age grade.
Always Been Creative (logo and business card) - Since the company's inception over a year ago, I have been doing all of Always Been Creative's artwork. This is Glenn Rudin's business card, which illustrates the company's colors, styling, as well as their logo.
Always Been Creative- Initial Logo Concepts - These were some ideas before the final logo was established.
Santa Clues Logo - This is the way the sign looked for Santa Clue's booth at the 2007 Toy Fair. Santa Clues is a decorative set for Christmas to make it look as though Santa visited your home.
Steadfast Paper Logo - The primary logo for the branding of Steadfast Paper company in Mineola, New York.
Steadfast Logo- Initial Concepts - Here are some ideas I presented to Jeff Howard, the president of Steadfast Paper, before deciding upon the logo shown previously.
Mo' Joe Coffee Logo, Mineola New York - This is the logo, I designed for Mo' Joe Coffee's branding. It is printed on their cups, packaging, and on all their signage.
Mo' Joe Preliminary Designs for Logo - A page from the style guide from Mo' Joe. These colors at the bottom of the file can be seen in the menu which I created for them as well.
Pre- Mo' Joe. - Before deciding on the name "Mo' Joe" Christian, the owner, was tossing around the idea of naming his coffee shop "Cafe' Biju."
Digitalizing Souper Fry's logos - When Jon from Souper Fry in Mineola, New York, ask me to design a menu for his catering business and handed me a print out of their logo which was designed by a tattoo artist/friend of his I told him, "I'm going to have to put this into vector, okay?" He had no idea what I was talking about, but I thought they came out well.
Fashion Flave Logo
Fashion Flave Logo V.2
Fashion Flave Logo V.3
Stationery Logo- Independent! - Intended as a line of gritty, urban notebooks, "Independent" was intended for the tween/teen age group.
Poppers Stationery Logo - Poppers- A take on the Croc's shoe with a stationery twist- was released in Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreen's in Back to School 2007. Related Work/Store Photos in the Children's Office Supplies/Poppers section.
Foodies Logo - Super Tasty lunch bags-- Characters such as Cupcake, Lollipop, Fries and.. who can forget Popcorn?! Check out "Cut & Sew" for designs!
Spray Culture Logo - Inspired by the likes of Banksy and Nathan Reimer, Spray Culture was intended to take tagging to the Stationery World! This project was a lot of fun. Check out "Stationery" for some examples which were presented to Target.
Cool Blues Logo - Cool Blues is a line of stationery by Continental Accessory. This was my version of the logo.
Trixie (the sweet little) Pixie - Please check out "Character Design" for more of Trixie!
Love Me Peas!
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Laura Mansdorf
Exceptionally Hardworking Product/Graphic Designer Mineola, NY