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Poppers Presentation Cover - This was one of many covers I created for a sell packet for the Poppers line of products. Accessorize Your Stuff!
Examples of Cut & Sew/Back to School Stationery
Poppers Samples - This sheet shows a selection of products in the Poppers line. All of the products are made of EVA with holes that fit the charms Continental Accessory produced.
Generic Sell Sheet-Poppers Brand
Fred's Stores Sell Sheet Proposal for Poppers - Sheets like this are adjusted to meet the demand of the client in regards to space and types of products they desire.
Kmart Poppers Palate for Back to School - Kmart requested a palate for Back to School of the Poppers brand products. Here is a sheet which displays all four sides of the display.
Poppers Charms Control Drawing - While applying for patents I had to explain how Continental Acccessory's product was different than the existing. This was one of the versions of Poppers charms.
Patent Application Illustrations - Patent Illustrations for Poppers and Popper products.
Four of the first charm designs - While working on Poppers I designed over 80 charms which were used in conjunction with jewel charms to make up a PDQ Display full.
Poppers Shoe Charm For Notebooks - These shoes could hold two of the Popper charms in the front. They were sold to 7-11 stores, as well as Wal-mart Canada.
Print Ad for CVS Back to School 2007 - This was distributed in August of 2008 on Long Island, New York.
Wal-mart Back to School 2008 - The 18 month planner required an entire layout including a map, section for phone numbers/e-mails, and a list of text message abbreviations. This photo was taken in August of 2008 at Wal-mart.
Poppers Charms, Back to School 2008 at CVS - Picture taken on a store check, to make sure the product was stocked and displayed properly. CVS, August 2008.
Poppers Charms In Packaging - There were quite a few themes in the design of Popper's charms. Girlie Things, Techie, Food, and Sports were just a few.
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Stationery, Office Supplies & Poppers Product line
Laura Mansdorf
Exceptionally Hardworking Product/Graphic Designer Mineola, NY