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Control Drawing for B.C. Builders "Dude" Bouncy Ball - One of three control drawings I did for a set of Little Tike's B.C. Builders bouncy balls.
Deco and Color Choices for a R/C boat - One of three designs for a popular motor boat company. An adaptation of one of these designs was used in an upcoming shipment of these R/C boats. They will be available this fall.
Sweet Rides Surfer Style Van - One of Three designs used in a line of diecast vans. Sweet Rides is a generic name which I designed the logo for as well.
Bathtime Chem Set - A school project, this Bathtime set has a built in bubble maker, funnel, crank, different colored soaps, a ring toss game and musical test tubes. If I were a kid... THIS is what i would have wanted to play with!
Pretend Play Food, Sushi - This is just one of a set of Kiddie Cuisine toys I designed. Conceptually, the pieces are made to come apart, softer pieces being textured fabrics like knits and flannels.
Sand Toys- Crank Drills - These three drills were apart of a set of sand toys I created. Twist the handle and the tools make different movements, used to build your sandcastle of doom!
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Laura Mansdorf
Exceptionally Hardworking Product/Graphic Designer Mineola, NY