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under armour concept sketch
SEC Championship ring concept - Swimming & Diving
Women's golf shoe rendering
Women's golf shoe sketch
Laundry remote concept - The purpose of this design was to create a product that would optimize the process of doing laundry. Therefore I designed a product that would let you know when the load of laundry was finished in each phase (washing/drying). This would allow users to determine if their clothes would/could be dry by a certain time.
Water bottle concept sketch 1
Water bottle concept sketch 2
Water bottle concept sketch 3
Water bottle concept sketch 4
Water bottle concept sketch 5
Water bottle concept sketch 6
Water Bottle marker rendering
water bottle model: side
water bottle model: back
product family line drawing
product family color studies
Ice cream maker concept
Deep Fryer concept
Soup Warmer concept
Icecream maker model
Product family rendering - Left: Soup Warmer
Middle: Ice Cream Maker
Right: Deep Fryer

Concept of creating a family of home appliances based around the theme of comfort food.
Lawn Caddy
Lawn Caddy Exploded view
Watering Stake - The purpose of this assignment was to re-design a spray-head attachment for a garden hose.
Kitchen Scale/cutting board - Designed to make cooking more efficient by allowing the user to cut and measure all on the same product.
Kitchen Scale/cutting board - + Raised to allow plates to slide under it
+ concave area to afford sliding food off of cutting board and onto plate/into sink
Flight attendant beverage cart concept - suspended from track on roof of plane
designed so that two flight attendants can be using it at once.
rotating "lazy-susan" style drink holder
trash receptacle on the bottom
Tea Light Lamp Concept:Rendering - Designed a tea-light lamp that is intended to cast a soft light for a calming effect.
Basketball shoe rendering
Reebok running shoe rendering
running shoe sketches
soccer cleat sketches
hiking sandal rendering
hiking sandal sketches
hiking sandal color studies
hiking sandal concept
Skate shoe concept 1
Skate shoe sketches
Watch sketches
Skate shoe technical drawings
Skate shoe color studies
Skate shoe rendering
Head pointer assistance concept storyboard - The purpose of this project was to come up with a hands-free, electricity-free device that would assist paraplegics in putting on a headpointer.
Head pointer assistant concept exploded view
Industrial Design
Lauren Duke
MBA | Industrial & Graphic Designer Auburn, AL