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Here ABOVE is the slightly sportier looking version of the ASV, with and without a screen. Although different from the other versions BELOW (More Classic Cruiser Style) the main changes are the seat and added black paint...
This Classic Cruiser version shows the mag wheel option, and how it looks with/without clip on pillion seat...
The cruiser version again but with wire spoke wheels...
ASV Yamaha Virago

I designed for a work colleague what I thought he wanted when he described a bike he wanted to build himself. Keeping cost down I used a Virago 1100 frame, 920cc Virago engine, after market exhaust, wheels, and converted re-designed mudguards, rear plate holder, redesigned seat/ clip on seat, brake disc protector, splash plates, R1 swinging arm/shock and then customized the paint/tank frame paint whilst adding a screen and head light. The cruiser version also can be seen with with both mag or wire/spoke wheels.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom