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BSA A9 (ncb)

In 1968 a few workers at BSA wanted to build a futuristic bike to compete with the successful Norton Commando and be ready for the onslaught of the Japanese bikes like the Honda 4 cylinder CB 750 and the soon after Kawasaki Z range. It remains a myth, no concept bike or specs can be found. I unfortunately cannot recreate the original A9 without this info, but I rethought it and thought about what could/ would or should BSA produce today in the modern market? I researched it and thank the BSA owners club for their feedback and help. I had to keep BSA features, make it modern, make it sporty but unique, as well as appealing to all groups of riders. Keeping in mind BSA stopped production in 1973 and Mahindra who now own the rights to the name have yet over 4 years on have not designed or made a new iconic BSA motorcycle. £3.4 million and a Shame. So taking all into account and my deepest respect for the great name I offer a new A9 (ncb) in 5 colour options and 1 alternative style...

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom