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In my favourite colour option of Quick Silver Gray colour. What colour do you prefer?
Just a few bullet points of information...
An overview of the assisted braking system and the option without...
4 more colour options to choose from as everyone has a favourite...
How my idea came together...
"THANK YOU KINDLY " for your time and viewing my ideas.
BSA-ELECT-iO1 (3 of 3)

This was something I incorporated an idea had into regarding added extra braking to. The design idea I had was to design a more of an easy look with features to attract all in the new modern electric motorcycle scene, the details are there to read and view. With a relaxed but slightly sporty drag styling it offers a little more in the direction of longer distant runs of comfort. I have provided enough room and would like to also see more aerodynamics, alternative looks, maybe an auto/manual gearbox via handlebar buttons, all round camera safety system and 3 power output system 1. Sport Mode 2. Economy Mode 3. Wet/Slippery Road Mode. Full electronic rider aids of ABS, Learn control, Launch control I would like to maybe as an option my idea of DABs (Drag Assisted Braking System). With heated seats and handlebar options an on the go recharge would assist the longevity of use before a full recharge.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom