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T-25 LT - Inspiration & Aspiration, Gordon Murray former McLaren designer of the newly proposed T-25 town car is mine. However I wondered about peoples blogs and took the changes to design. I added 2 doors, new styling to skirting and doors, altered the bumper (cost saving). Added mirrors/ indicators, new wheels and enlarged windscreen. Colours & commercial models were then explored. Shopping/ school run etc. as a second family car if cheap & reliable this low/no emissions cheeky car could do well.
McLaren CrossBow - The new McLaren looked a German Ferrari, I couldn't help but tinker with it attempting to put a little bit of English eccentricity back into it. I asked Gordon Murray the original designer of the first version what he thought about my MP4-13C LT "CROSSBOW" makeover...
How about an electric version?
Ferrari 430 LT - The F-430 seems to have suffered the indignity of being slowly dropped and unsupported for newer and less Ferrari type Ferrari's (enthusiasts feedback). A few asked for and personal tweaks could have been an alternative worthy consideration.

A year on from my design Ferrari give an initial go ahead to a light weight carbon fibre Enzo F-70. Have Ferrari thought along but behind the same lines I? Maybe I have inspired them... I can dream. Oh well, on to the next.
Corvette... European Style... Ummm... - To settle an argument... 1. Can a 1998 Corvette Stingray take a V12 under the bonnet? 2. What would be a European take be on the rear end in comparison to compare to a BMW, Audi or Mercedes? Well, does it?
Mustang HOME RUN for Europe - A better render will follow... but If FORD wanted to really break into the European super car market against BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar etc. then a right hand drive European styled version would have be the way to take them on.
Car Concepts up to 2012

Although motorcycles are my main concern and passion on occasion I get literary drawn into making a point about cars. If I feel I'm right, or have something to say I will, even if it means getting in touch with the manufactures and designers themselves. Some have even listened, others... I'll keep trying. Popular? Doesn't matter to me, I asked to looked at, then heard, the trouble seems to be "it's who you know not what you know"... I maybe in bother for saying this but sometimes I have a point, and copying others or my ideas keeps people like myself out of making an important and interesting difference... Anyway thanks for reading this and good luck to all who deserve it.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom