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The "Excelsior REDCOAT" with the option of the Union Jack flag on the side panel and chain style leg protector/fairing. It was in 1965 Excelsior made its last motorcycle, if today as then they could as they did then take another engine such as I have with Triumph's 2.3 litre 3 cylinder engine and produce something different using modern technology.
The "Excelsior REDCOAT" without the Union Jack and leg protector/fairing.
It is often thee case the rider wants a solo seat, so integrating a "Pullout Pillion Seat" like a draw would be an option for that two up moment if needed, pillion pegs fold out to.
I reworked the original "Excelsior" logo with long trousers and slight colour change to clothes, banner and Union Jack flag to globe, the "Excelsior" name has been tweaked in colour and lighting.
The "Excelsior REDCOAT" wheel, graphic and leg protector/fairing options. No.7 Is dedicated to my good friend Myron and "Patriot" of the USA.
For people who want a little more information on my "Excelsior REDCOAT" here you are.
The "Excelsior PATRIOT"
Dedicated to my good friend, and all the brave patriot veterans...
Myron ( www.behance.net/myronbursell )
"I salute you".

Also, thank you to Milton ( www.behance.net/gone03 )

"Thank You" for your encouragement, your inspiration and support,
I could not have done this version without you...


"I really appreciate your time, and support"....
(all the very best to each and everyone... Lee:))
Excelsior "REDCOAT"

A proposal put forward for a new "Excelsior" motorcycle since 1965. With the touch of 30' and 40's styling nut with carbon frame and modern technology the appeal for something different would be met.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom