Various looks at the "MOTIVE" electric motorcycle concept. ani.
I was asked for a more stealthy coloured version.
Above: Disc breaks on view or inboard, above shows 3 without and 1 with. 3 Slight paint variations.
Above: An animation made to receive feedback on the bike's wheel options...
Outline - The "MOTIVE" concept. 010424

I designed this with a practical realistic and cost effective view in mind. With seat height and handlebar adjust-ability, full media and traffic warning tech, this electric bike has the future thought about. 3 hard cases the top resembles a fuel tank, batteries are water and air cooled, a full curved in fairing screen shows the rear view via a camera. It is over a foot lower in height with weight further down and 50/50 spread. Rimless wheels and front assisted drive option to.

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Lee Thompson
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