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SUZUKI GSXR 8 (new 800cc) "Come on let's make it sportier as it was before".
In Blue Black and stealthy Grey.
ABOVE: My NEW SUZUKI GSXR 800R 2014 compared to the new 2013 GSXR 750 SUZUKI.
Gixer Girl...
SUZUKI GSXR 800 (GSXR 8 K11) 2014-15?

I'm not impressed that Suzuki are not getting the best out of the GSXR 750, it doesn't fit right between the new 600cc and 1000cc bikes. If as I said a few years back was enlarged to 800cc it would have more of its own identity. The new 2013 750cc & 1000cc bikes are an improvement but still lacks a little of that visual impact I was expecting. There are good bits on both bikes so I took them put them together plus what I believe it needed and made an 800cc that looks a little less blobby and sleeker with stylish exhaust, fairing, seat, wheels, tail section, revised frontal shape and more interesting and aggressive style paint... “SUZUKI, why you no not listen, again”? I'm not trying to upset Suzuki, they make some great bikes but it's a case of big corporate companies not giving the passionate people a chance,I'm not in this for anything else but to offer my opinion of what I know in the hope someone their might say "he may have a point"... ANY FEEDBACK WELCOME...

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom