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How I imagine the e-scooter would look...
Relative points I feel would attract a strong customer base...
Wind deflector screen down and with luggage box/helmet storage...
Deflector screen up, luggage box off and ready for action...
Alternative paint colour 1
Alternative paint colour 2
Alternative paint colour 3
TVS "LIBERTY" electric e-scooter

My first scooter design I did to point out in this case to TVS you don’t need to pay expensive copyrights for transfers when their own id brands colours will work. A new scooter to an already over populated market needs something new/ different to catch the widest audience. With new and quirky designs out and from established manufactures “if” a brand wants to sell globally new tech/ a different look and practical features are a must.

Starting off for the future “Electric” is a requirement, compact but able to carry a pillion, luggage cases is also a must. Production of “rimless” wheels is here and for a scooter possible and easier, and eye catching quality. Maybe a self speed related adjusting screen to. With a very competitive but potential lucrative market I would suggest colour alternatives and further electrical ridding aid options would maximize a return, but as ever keeping it competitive would have to be monitored as to not out price themselves.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom