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The "TEMPTRESS", a high powered twin in traditional BSA Green designed for riding fun.
A considered new BSA Blue version.
A mix of BSA Green and Grey, but still maintaining the BSA look.
Variations of colours with descriptive explanations.
Breakdown of some of the features for considerations for this model.

With the SGR sports model comes a "TEMPTRESS" SGT 500cc version, I also considered a new entry smaller 300cc alternative.

"I would again like to thank BSA for the opportunity for their faith and support"...

"Thank You for viewing and allowing me to share my vision with you"
The BSA "TEMPTRESS" concept BSA Part 2

Basic Info
BSA concept the "TEMPTRESS", I was fortunate to be asked to submit this as one of my concept ideas for a new BSA motorcycle...

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom