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This the full image of the enlarged 900cc twin Hyde Harrier that I named the "HH9". For fuller description please read the project description.
Also in British Racing Green...
This only to illustrate the difference between the existing Hyde Harrier and this new "HH9" Hyde Harrier.
This is my "HH9" and only shows the wheel options I believe many may ask for.
NOW: Hyde Harrier Blue. 2013 Up-dates, This are the latest 2013 up-dates with revised paint, tinted screen, graphics and fitted with indicators, rear mudguards, exhaust, fork braise, injectors, screen, colour coded mirrors, number plate fitting and the engine is now tuned and bored out “Thruxton motor”. Thank you to all Triumph owner and clubs who helped me with the revisions...
British Racing Green
Candy Red
and now two tone BLACK
The Hyde Harrier HH9 concept

The Hyde Harrier HH9 is a concept up-date to the existing Hyde Harrier 750. I want to thank you to Norman Hyde (Motorcycles) for allowing me to show my concept I supplied him. I was pleased it was well received by all that produce this build hand built motorcycle. My aims are to up-date and bring it into the retro British twin market, the frame, electrics and suspension are quality which need no change. I retained and enhanced the retro image, changed the wheels, added side panels, reshaped the petrol tank, fairing and tail piece, added a pillion seat, part coded the front forks, reshaped the end exhaust and re-angled the exhaust pipes. I importantly refocused the bikes iconic logo on the petrol tank. Keeping the wonderful colours of blue, silver, black and gold I only balanced the percentage of the colours, added subtle other changes to promote the ideal of the bike. I would increase to 900 cc.

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom