Perrier - Hand inked the original 4 pack. Created variations across the entire marketing and distribution spectrum.
Litmus Paper, Updated a classic brand with legible, functional graphic design
Coca Cola - Working model of talking refrigerator. Slide open the doors, it says "Aah"! As seen on:
Victoria's Secret - Comped several variations of their entire line of packaging.
Moosehead and Carlsberg - Mocked up several variations of their labels, packaging and promotion.
Post Cereals - Mock ups of several Post cereals, many variations over a period of 6 months.
Nickelodeon - Packaging and prototypes for Sponge Bob bath accessories.
Party Case - Sourced out the materials, measured the contents, prepared a template for mass production. As seen on:
Consumer Branding & Packaged Goods
Frank Lekstutis
Design / Comp Fabrication, Package & Promotion New York, NY