Sandoz - Intro package to Osteoporosis client. Electroluminescent flat panel actually lights up X Ray. One inch thick box. As seen on:
Medco - Presentation wall with magnetic chart components.
Gillette - Actual working "Jeopardy" display. As seen on:
Mercedes Benz - Another long weekend for me and the crew. We made 50 of these Z Folds. Carmen and Armand are the best!
Monster.Com - Built 3 welcome kits for using this fabulous fur. As seen on:
Monster.Com - Interior lined with wet look vinyl. Custom made items. As seen on:
Restless Leg Syndrome pitch - This might be the coolest prop I ever built. Took 15 minutes. As seen on:
Presentation Design
Frank Lekstutis
Design / Comp Fabrication, Package & Promotion New York, NY