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sketch FO bottle project
FED Oil advertising campaign
Shinz Bottle Project 2013
Oil 1ltr EVA
Advertising campaign
skech 4lt EV oil
3D rendering 4Lt
sketch drawing FO 4L 1L Bottle
3D presentation 4L + 1L FO Bottle for Oil automotive
Advertising campaign
final alternative concept Cap Gallon 2 color
advertising campaign
Sketch phase, Wiper Fluid Bottle TYT
3D Presentation TYT Wiper FLuid
Advertising campaign Wiper FLuid TYT
modified from old design into new look design for 2017
concept with 2 color double injection system.To prevent anti counterfeit /
synchronized concept cap with concept bottle
final product , launching at GIIAS 2017 ( Gold for Diesel variant )
konsep desain botol oli Toyota 4 Liter & 1 Liter ( desainer produk )
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Aga Leonard
Senior Product Designer JAKARTA, Indonesia