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©2010 Teacher's Discovery Classroom Calendar - A dry erase calendar used as a tool for second language teachers. The month (Julio) is a removable graphic so teacher's can change it to the current month.

©2010 Teacher's Discovery.
Event Poster For Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Art & Soul gallery promo event poster for Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Please Note: Client only had a lo-res logo to give me for "light the night walk"
Canon Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk Tent Cards
Coach Corporate Identity Set - A "wallet" that has cards placed into the slots of the wallet. Cards contain corporate information. This would be used for trying to buy real estate in a shopping area. The left side shows how the wallet will look with cards and keychain placed inside and the right shows how wallet will look with out cards or keychain.
Business Card Sets with Logos
Business Card Sets with Logos
Quit Nits Pop-Up Display
Advertisement for Display Presentations
Fake Nike Ads for a school project
Sweetology Postcard - Postcard has a perforated business card that can pop out and later be saved. Phone number is blurred out to protect the identity of seller.
Pink Panther Cosmetic Lip Gloss Box - A fake cosmetic line I made up to create a mock lip gloss box.
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Advertisements and Corporate Identity
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