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Filtered bear - I filtered an image of a bear by using poster edges and changing the contrast. Original image is IMG_2302_h by rchall.
Restored Image - I took a destroyed version of American Gothic and Restored it as close to the Original as possible.
Fall - I used the single color orange to reperesent the season fall. I took the average color between three different colors of orange.
Complimentary colors - This is a 2 pair complementary color harmony.
tri compliment colors - This is a 3 color triadic harmony. I used different sizes of circles.
5 compliment color scheme - This is a five color pallete from COLOURLOVERS.COM. The pallete that I chose is called Gentle Waves by Skyblue2u.
Image with compliment gradient - I chose an image composed of three colors, cropped the image and added a gradient to one side to complement the image.
Unexpected - I took a black and white photo of a badger skull and colored in some of the teeth then I layer blened the colors into the image.
Fallen angel - I took the person and the wings and changed the contrast and brightness to match the The background. background image is of the Hastings Arches the photo was taken by GhosthuntingGeneral. The image of the person is on e-bay.com. and the wings are from robesign.com
Mythlogical creature - I created a pegasus. I took an image of a horse and an image of swan wings. I skewed the swan wings to make it look like the horse was about to fly. I changed the brightness and contrast to both the horse and the wings to make them fit better into the background. Then I clone stamped the wings and the horse together to make it look like the wings blonged on the horse. The horse image is from wallpapers22.com, the swan wings are from henniter.org, and the background is peter mriggs.com
CD Cover - The image of the black dragons is from gphoto.mmoabe.com, the image of the white dragon is from freewebs.com. I took and desaturated the black dragon added a sepia tone to it. Added in the white dragon and merlin's face and layer blended them both into the image of the black dragon. the text is Trajan Pro.
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