As a reference product in the development process, Thule’s bike carrier Thule EuroClassic G5 909 was used. It weighs 19 kg and allows for safe transportation of up to three bikes of a total maximum weight of 51 kg.
The first part of the process consisted of: research, ergonomic evaluations, benchmarking, ideation and concept development.
The project resulted in a visionary bike carrier concept with half of the reference product’s weight. The design consists of a frame work in aluminum and two foldable wings in carbon fiber reinforced epoxy. The formation of the concept allows the desired storage volume, considerably improved usage and has an expression that fits in with Thule’s premium product line.
The final concept was evaluated regarding weight and mechanical properties, using Catia V5. An ergonomic evaluation was also conducted using the digital manikin Jack.
Lightweight Bike Carrier Concept

This project was done for Thule AB, a company producing different kinds of load carrying systems for cars. The focus of the project was to create a lightweight concept for a tow bar mounted bike carrier. This was done both on a technical level with change of materials, as well as on an ergonomic level, giving the final product a more user centered design.

The concept we created, was used by Thule as inspiration, when dveloping the Thule EasyFold 932 which can be viewed through the external link.

The team consisted of: Ellen Hultman, Linnea Jading, Erica Lindgren, Rasmus Lindström and Alexander Littorin.

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Alexander Littorin
M. Sc. Industrial Design Engineering Berlin, Germany