TORTOISE - A Carrying Solution For Sensitive Equipment

Master Thesis in the Industrial Design Engineering master degree programme. The project was made in collaboration with sports equipment company Boblbee. The presented concept serves to fill a gap in Boblbee's product portfolio manifested by the lack of a waterproof and reliable transport solution for sensitive equipment (e.g. survey instruments, cameras, medical devices). During the project interviews and observations were conducted as a means to create a holistic view of the usage situation. The final concept is made to prevent ingress of fluids and particles even in the most harsh environments and to provide the user with a comfortable carrying experience.

Project group: Rasmus Lindström & Alexander Littorin
Project duration: 30hp / 20 weeks full-time
Year: 2012 - 2013

Alexander Littorin
M. Sc. Industrial Design Engineering Berlin, Germany