The clock shape is a combination of the language of Nintendo 2Ds with the design of Nooka
The clock has a reinterpretation of the "fit meter" that can interact with your console or portable. And has unique mini-games that can be purchased in the Nintendo eshop for a portable or console and transferred to the Nintendo watch by Nooka.
Nintendo watch by Nooka

Nintendo has always been a large company in the entertainment business, and has always been recognized by taking risk in the launch of new products. Even having difficulty in recent years competing with its competitors in the console market, always kept the success with his portables.
Nintendo has the advantage of easy entry into the casual gamers and family entertainment market

Nooka is a contemporary brand that believes in design as a driver for new ideas and technologies, and interactivity as the basis of design. All their products
aims to reach the heart of the user through form function and emotion.

This concept introduces the two brands in smartwatches market by combining the spirit and the contemporary aesthetics of Nooka with technology and identity of Nintendo,
creating a functional and fun smartwatch that can be used by several kinds of users.

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Lucas Couto
Product Designer Belo Horizonte, Brazil