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Build IT design poster - This was a presentation poster for the design of the branding for Build IT centers - stores to promote and sell architecture. It shows how the design will be transformed to account for the logo, business cards, advertisements, and letterhead.
Build IT branding poster - This presentation shows process work, advertisements and a material board that will relate to the architecture of the stores.
Build IT final poster - This final presentation combines all of the graphic design work with a conceptual design of what a showcase Build IT store may look like in an architectural manifestation.
Build It - Postcards - Part of a branding studio I took at the University of Oregon, these post cards were advertisements for a Build IT center - a store to promote and sell archtiecture.
Portfolio Cover - This is the cover to my architectural portfolio. I was emphasizing simplicity in layout and color palate.
Icenine Design - Poster - Advertisement for a graphic design company I started with a partner in Montreal, Canada. Collaborated on designs for small businesses including, logos, labels, posters, invitations and websites. A collaboration with Aziz Sunderji.
Bikers Profi Business Cards - Two different versions of a business card for a client in Berlin, Germany. The second will be translated into German as well.
i can Design - A business card I developed with the aim of getting some freelance design projects - both graphic and architectural design. I was trying to be fun and playful and develop a series of cards that can be expanded with new colors and simple phrases.
SUPA Logo - A new Logo for the Shanghai Ultimate Players Association. In collaboration with Andrew Kleinmeyer. Along with this logo we rebranded the organization - redesigning the website, making advertising posters, new disc designs, business cards, and other marketing tools.
SUPA - Business Card - New business card design for the Shanghai Ultimate Players Association (SUPA)
SUPA - Tournament Advertisement - A sample poster for a tournament being run by SUPA. This is a preliminary design for a poster used to attract advertisers.
Project Book Cover - Grigorian Design Group - Cover design for a book documenting a design at the Grigorian Design Group - an architecture office in Shanghai.
NYE Party Invitation - Lili & Oli Cafe, Montreal - Lili & Oli Cafe is an establishment in an up and coming neighborhood in Montreal, Canada. This was an advertisement for a NYE Party they threw in 2007.
Zen Gree Tea Label - Color Samples - This was a color study for a series of labels for a green tea drink being marketed in Montreal.
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