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Oscar hosts through the years.
Breakdown of all players to get significant time at cornerback for the Patriots during the Belichick era.
A Somerville startup is developing tiny microchips that can power small satellites with electromagnetism.
A size comparison in scoreboard screens.
A breakthrough in how to diagnose malaria in the blood.
Two key strategic towns in the Normandy invasion, and what happened around them.
A new approach to maple syrup production where saplings are slashed.
Three months' worth of daily flight cancellation totals at Logan Airport, year over year.
A sampling of former Ted Kennedy aides who have gone on to bigger and better things in different industries.
A look at Harvard's long NCAA Tournament drought, and how two other area schools fared during that span.
Process of how a new prosthetic ankle provides extra power.
Changes in rental prices in Eastern Mass.
Where the hotbeds of commercial real estate are in the U.S., in three categories.
A Thanksgiving travel primer, with facts and figures.
Tracking the history of Big East schools.
A map showing every spot in Massachusetts where you can choose and cut down your own Christmas tree.
On-deadline graphic on Josh Hamilton's record-tying four home runs. Note: the spelling on "3d" instead of 3rd is actually Globe style.
Celtics great Dennis Johnson got a Hall of Fame berth; the graphic breaks down what got him there.
Examples of how smart phones and other devices are part of our lives.
Color-coded look at notable sluggers and how many games it took them to reach HR milestones (100, 200, etc). The player to reach each milestone in the lowest number of games has that total circled.
Massachusetts trading with Europe.
Smaller graphics
Luke Knox
Infographics Artist Boston, MA