M3D Logo - M3D is a logo that represents my business as a freelance designer, and me as a entrepreneur. This logo will be used for marketing purposes, and establishing brand awareness. The letters and number are an acronym that stands for Merlin Calo Multi-Media Designs. The design is meant to grab your attention with the use of vibrant colors. A bold yet dynamic graphic is used to symbolize strength, and adaptability in digital media. M3D logo created in Photoshop.
North Star Center Banner for Video Pilot - I created banner for web, to promote branding, and promotion of North Star Center Video Pilot. The North Star Center is an academic support program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The focus of the North Star Center is on recruitment, and retention of ALANA students at the University. The video pilot was made to help with recruitment efforts, and further promote the brand identity of the North Star Center. Created in Photoshop.
North Star Center Logo - North Star Center logo created to help with branding and marketing purposes. This logo design was created for advertisement of video pilot of the North Star Center to be used on the web. Created in Photoshop.
School of Human Services Banner - Designed banner for print, to market the School of Human Services at Springfield College, Springfield Campus. Used for recruiting purposes, and to further promote brand identity, for the School of Human Services. Actual size of banner is 18000 x 7200 pixels, which was used at College Fairs, Job Fairs, and Career Fairs. Springfield College vector logo was used. Banner was created in Photoshop and InDesign.
Springfield College Vector Logo - I used the Springfield College vector logo for branding, and marketing purposes for the School of Human Services, at Springfield College. The School of Human Services is an alternative program, geared towards working professionals pursuing a college or masters level degree in human services. The logo was incorporated into the School of Human Services banner, newsletter, brochures, and job search kit. Design programs used were Photoshop and InDesign.
Branding- Professional Work
Merlin Calo
CEO at Boston DesignHub Boston, MA