Bruce Lee Interactive Game - Designed interactive trivia game on Bruce Lee. The theme of site was to be interactive, entertaining, and a style that reflects Bruce Lee. The text is done in brush script, and buttons change in when rolled over. Various rare pictures, trivia, and sound affects are incorporated into the interactive game. Interactive trivia game created in Photoshop, and Authorware.
CGD Dogs Interactive Game - Created design for CGD Dogs Interactive game. This was a project at CGD, Computer Graphics Design program at RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology. The theme of this interactive game was from the movie Reservoir Dogs. The game includes themes, and graphics from the movie. The characters in the main menu are my colleagues from my class, and includes a brief profile with there contact info. Design was done with Photoshop, and Director.
Interactive Games- School Work
Merlin Calo
CEO at Boston DesignHub Boston, MA