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Legendary Monsters

Legendary Monsters - This is a series of images I am working on with the theme of legendary monsters. The idea is to take a famous image and add my touch to it. I am also working in black and white with the occasional color thrown in. I will be adding new ones as I do them.

With the Bride of Frankenstein image a story begins to unfold.
In the Frankenstein image, Frankenstein has a smiley face button on him, which I used to show innocence and was an attempt to show that there is more to him then a scary monster. In this picture the smiley face returns. This time it's more scratched and dried blood is on it. Blood that connects this image to the Dracula image as well. Frankenstein creates his Bride in an attempt to find peace. What happened between him and Dracula? Whose blood is that? The Bride looks stunned upon creation. Is this her reaction to Frankenstein? A being forever misunderstood?

Matt Fontaine
Matt Fontaine Edmonton, AB