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MellyMochaPoster - A poster for a local Hawaiian retro themed coffee shop.
Iggy Pop as "The Idiot" - graphite and photoshop illustration
Berry Shirt - A 2-color t-shirt I did for a band in Chicago.
Nebula/Totimoshi Poster - Submission for a poster contest for a real show.
Art Studio Music Poster - This is a poster I did for a local custom guitar amp shop.
Republicans - This is a cartoon I did during the late 2008 presidential runoffs.
Democrats - The companion to the republican cartoon, digital.
BTBR - This is a reminder postcard for a pest control service.
Another reminder postcard for a pest control service.
Keep What's Left - This was a class project, but it's a magazine illustration advertising Listerine.
Freewater poster - Illustration for a large poster advertising a mini-music festival.
Crow from an ongoing project - Graphite- This is part of a pop-up book I'm currently working on.
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Illustration- Based Projects
Michael Reust
Mad Rooster Designs! Austin, TX