For Paloma 2015 MY Birthday card design for Paloma. created by Maggie
Birthday card for my dear friend Young. created by Maggie
Birthday card created for My Designer Romina by maggie
Birthday card created for my designer Joy by maggie
My Beautiful ERIKA 2015. poster created for Erika by tia Maggie
Maggie Bermuda illustrations created by maggie
MGA Designs created by Maggie
Bisou Bisou Sketches created by Maggie during my time at Bisou
Bisou Bisou designs
BABY BRATZ Illustrations by Maggie
Birthday card made for May. JADA'S President. created by maggie
Sofia and walking minimus. created by my team at JADA
Jakks Pacific princess and me division
Hello Kitty vehicle playset created by my JADA girls Team
Maggie's FUN WORK.

Here is some of my recent Fun Work and also some of my work from My Bisou- Bisou days, MGA, Jakks and Jada.

Maggie Bermudez
Founder of JJ Pillowdoll City of Industry, CA