Flap : office free standing - Flap is a modular free standing that optimizes the office space as it can be placed where ever best serves. It can be entirely assembled by the person who buys it. Modem and light connections are attached to the freestanding and only 1 cable comes out the back to offer freedom .
Avisa - Avisa are various signals that offer a better comprehension of when searching a classroom, office etc…its production cost is cheap and it has a great component of esthetic, related with the schools identity. It was specially designed for Icesi University
hidraXtreme - It’s a shampoo and a cream container for people who practice sports. The container offers a pull up cap which doesn’t let the product inside to spill when transporting to different places. It also comes with a string to hang the container on the showers’ handle, giving more comfort when showering.
Muñoz - Muñoz is friendly a 3d modeled and animated cartoon, for educational purpose. It offers kids a great amount of imagination and happiness while teaching them various aspects of life.