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Actor on the right at the begining of the play.
Ventilating - Ventilating is the hooking of hair thru the lace to tie a knot. Along the edges the ideal is to hook one hair every few holes to simulate a natural hairline.
Wig Base - This is the lace base of a hand made wig. I wrapped the actors head in plastic and tape then drew their hairline on the tape to get an exact replica. I then took the tracing and placed it on a wig block, taped it down and built the lace base. I then sewed the seams to keep the pieces together.
Finished raw wig - Finished vetilated wig. Takes at least 40 hours for shoulder length and no special requirements.
Wig in curlers and ready for the dryer - The wig is styled after many conversations with director, costume designer and actor about time period, character and what the wig will say about and enhance the character.
Finished Wig - Wig fit on the actor and ready to go on stage.
Going back in time - Toupee added to actor later in the play make him appear younger. Actor in the back has a fronted wig which is a bought wig with lace added to the front and ventilated to her hairline.
Making a Theatrical Wig
Marianne F Coleman
Graphic Designer Warwick, RI