Nowadays the television is everywhere!
We can find TV in almost every rooms.
One of the most controversial places is the bedroom.
Many say that it creates bad waves, sleep troubles and kill love.
What if you could find a TV that instead of creating troubles, help you sleep better and feel better?

The TV is made of a screen in fabric tightened around a steel structure.
The steel structure is clipped on the wall on the same way you would plug a wall lighting or frame. It’s pierced by triangles, which emit light as an ambilight lamp.

The main idea of this TV is that you use it to decorate your room. It can show a painting, picture or photo that you like while the TV is off.
The TV possesses sensors and a sleep control program.
A standby mode appears during the night if the TV catches big movements.
You are awakening by light therapy and crescendo sounds. The alarm mode is stopped when the TV capture that you are up.
Light effect and ambilight color appear when you watch TV.

Marion Caulet
Industriel designer Paris, France